[Trisquel-users] Libre.fm and Rhythmbox

andyprough at gmail.com andyprough at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 21:41:59 CET 2019

Scrobbling was a new thing with last.fm about 15 years ago, when it first  
became a service and it envisioned itself as a social network platform.  
Basically, you would form communities of people that had similar listening  
histories based on songs they had scrobbled, you could find friends, share  
recommendations amongst each other, have discussions about favorite songs,  
etc. As you can imagine, it never really took off as a major social network  
platform, and today is mainly just used as another music streaming service.  
In fact, last.fm doesn't even stream its own music anymore. The only way to  
use the site is to enable youtube or spotify to handle the music streaming  

Libre.fm, by contrast, has always used the GNU FM streaming backend, which is  
a project of the FSF. Libre.fm doesn't seem to have such a huge catalog of  
songs that they offer up many recommendations. But if you like a certain type  
of music you can search for it, such as "slow jazz", and libre.fm will play  
you a big playlist of songs that users have tagged with that characteristic.  
The scrobbling aspect of libre.fm seems to be simply to keep track of your  
own listening habits. This is really good on a service like libre.fm, where  
you are constantly being introduced to new music you've never heard of. If  
you did not have a listening history, you would not be easily able to figure  
out which song it was that you really liked that you listened to at some  
point in the past. Also, as with last.fm, if you had friends on libre.fm you  
would be able to share your scrobbled listening histories with each other,  
and learn about some new songs.

At one time, last.fm had some algorithms they used to send you music  
recommendations based on your scrobbled listening history. People actually  
used to pay them a monthly fee for services like that. Today, I figure they  
are probably just using the recommendations from spotify or youtube.

If you want to view my scrobble reports, you can see my last.fm one here:  
https://www.last.fm/user/andyprough, and my libre.fm one here:  
https://libre.fm/user/andyprough/stats. On libre.fm, I highly recommend any  
music by Keffy Kay (https://libre.fm/artist/Keffy+Kay/), all of which is free  
to download. On last.fm I'm partial to Germany's Ulrich Schnauss and  
England's Zero 7 (both of whom made it big via last.fm), and I am last.fm  
friends with a Netherlands musician named Jap Jap and a Finnish musician  
named Lackluster.

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