[Trisquel-users] Freedom issues regarding Abrowser.

Mason Hock mason at masonhock.com
Tue Feb 19 02:12:45 CET 2019

> It's only a freedom issue if someone uses the JavaScript engine in
> Abrowser to run non-free JavaScript.

> No, because those organizations don't have problems with us using their
> trademarks to indicate use of their search engine.

Maybe these things aren't a problem on their own, but I think that they
may constitute a problem together. Since Abrowser is configured to
execute all JavaScript by default, Ebay, Amazon, and even DuckDuckGo
execute proprietary JavaScript when used in Abrowser. By suggesting
these search engines, Abrowser guides the user toward proprietary
JavaScript. I think that if Abrowser is not going to block non-free JS
by default as Icecat does, it should not go out of it's way to direct
users to pages that have non-free JS.

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