[Trisquel-users] Freedom issues regarding Abrowser.

jason at bluehome.net jason at bluehome.net
Tue Feb 19 01:23:00 CET 2019

"Isn't it a freedom issue that Abrowser has JS enabled by default without  
saying anything to the user? Also that the default search engine used in the  
address bar is duckduckgo with JS enabled?"

It's only a freedom issue if someone uses the JavaScript engine in Abrowser  
to run non-free JavaScript. They could just as well be running free  
JavaScript with it.

"Furthermore isn't it a 'branding issue' that when you go to preferences and  
"search" you can click on a drop down menu which lets you select Google,  
Amazon, Ebay and Twitter as search engines?"

No, because those organizations don't have problems with us using their  
trademarks to indicate use of their search engine. This is not the case for  
Mozilla's trademarks which is why Trisquel removes them.

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