[Trisquel-users] Happy I ♥ Free Software Day!

Ignacio Agulló agullo at ati.es
Thu Feb 14 12:28:19 CET 2019

     Truth to be told, it comes out as a weird thing to choose San
Valentine's day to show our love for Free Software, as if we hadn't
already someone to love on this day.  But that was the day chosen by the
Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) on 2010 and that's how we
celebrate it ever since.

I ♥ Free Software - Valentine's Day 2019 - FSFE

     Besides, this year we must celebrate it with all of our heart,
because it is the only Freedom Celebration that isn't missing like the rest.

Document Freedom Day:
Celebrated by the same Free Software Foundation Europe since 2008,
transferred to the Digital Freedom Foundation in 2017, missing for
months: http://documentfreedom.org/

Hardware Freedom Day:
Celebrated by the Digital Freedom Foundation since 2013, missing for
months: http://hfday.org/

Software Freedom Day:
Celebrated since 2004, first edition by Matt Oquist, Henrik Omma and
Phil Harper, editions 2nd to 8th by Software Freedom International,
editions 9th forward by the Digital Freedom Foundation, missing for
months: http://softwarefreedomday.org/

     The very own website for the Digital Freedom Foundation is missing
for months: http://www.digitalfreedomfoundation.org/ .  These problems
happened already on 2016.  The care for the Freedom Celebrations is, too
much frequently, a matter or putting all the eggs on the same basked,
then losing the basket.

     P.S.: At the time of writing this message I proceeded to verify
once again access to these sites, and by chance for some minutes they
were available again... but then again not.  They are intermittent, or
maybe it is that just to day because being I ♥ Free Software Day they
are working on fixing them.

Ignacio Agulló · agullo at ati.es

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