[Trisquel-users] ThinkPad W510 Wifi - Whitelist, Replacement Cards..

dirk.netter at posteo.de dirk.netter at posteo.de
Tue Feb 12 16:08:28 CET 2019

Thank you for your suggestions.

There is no money for replacing my laptop. And if i had it, i am not sure if  
i would do it. Honestly, it is very sad that lots of hardware manufacturers  
obviously don't give a damn about free software etc. But i am dependend on  
this machine and there is no way for me to switch machines if i want to be  
able to keep my job. simple as that.

I will wait if theres a "libreboot"/alternative somwhere in the future. Until  
then i will use a Wifi-USB. Thank you very very much for your help :) I can  
not wait to try trisquel out :)

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