[Trisquel-users] "Hello New World"

blackhatz32 at gmail.com blackhatz32 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 03:51:21 CET 2019

Hello New World I am new, I finally moved on with GNU/Linux Trisquel i have  
been on and off with Microsoft/ubuntu since 1999. and understanding the truth  
about GNU and linux. I finally got my hp compaq 6910p to work 100% with my  
usb wifi TP-LINK TL-WN821N 300MBPS.to fuction well with trisquel GNU/LINUX.  
Plus today Feb/7/2019 in Toronto,Ontario Canada I met Richard Stallman and  
took a picture with him and listen to him all about this O.S. Amazing O.S  
Extreme fast and to good. I am use to dealing with unbuntu's terminal so i  
guess the command on ubuntu is the same as trisquel.(I guess) As Mr.Stallman  
told me about joining the group of helping and learning is all I dream to do.  
I can't wait to see all about software 01010101010101010 and executable files  
and so so much to learn.

P.S My New Home ;)

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