[Trisquel-users] CUPS permissions (after install rescue)

jimgarrett at posteo.net jimgarrett at posteo.net
Sat Feb 2 17:56:33 CET 2019

I had an install go awry but with this community's help managed to get it  
back on the rails, as described in this thread:


Now I'm doing some cleanup and one issue I have is that I can't add a  
printer.  Using "Printers" GUI utility (I'm using XFCE but that's probably  
irrelevant), when I click "Add" I get the usual CUPS window but a dialog box  
asking for my user name and password also appears.  I enter my user name and  
password but it's not accepted.

While I'm at it, are there other permissions or cleanup activities I should  
check into?

Thanks in advance!

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