[Trisquel-users] GNU/Linux installation on libreboot machines

igorfree at protonmail.com igorfree at protonmail.com
Thu Dec 20 14:47:50 CET 2018

 > That's because the X200 is a reasonably fast machine. Still. After all  
these years.

So true, I'm amazed at how fast it is. I have a desktop machine, with a  
higher-end Core2Quad (each core is about the same speed as on the Core2Duo of  
my X200), which recently got an upgrade in the form of an SSD. It's a SanDisk  
drive, supposedly it should do 6 Gb/s. And the X200 still not only keeps up,  
but might be a little bit faster on KDE login and definitely boots up a lot  
faster. Everything else that I tried - a clear honest tie, except for 3D of  
course, but the desktop machine has a GeForce GT6xx card. I don't feel like  
the X200 slows me down a bit, fast and responsive all the time. Even does HD  
video well. Can't try FullHD out, because my monitor can't handle it :-D

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