[Trisquel-users] GNU/Linux installation on libreboot machines

calmstorm at posteo.de calmstorm at posteo.de
Tue Dec 11 02:07:48 CET 2018

in 2014 I was using trisquel up until, I think 2016, then I changed to Debian  
jessie and switched sometimes with testing, then Devuan jessie sometimes  
though moving to its form of stretch, ascii...  and then follow back to one  
years ago exactly I switched to Hyperbola, which I haven't tried hibernate  
too often, but suspend, hardly ever a problem and hibernate also hasn't been  
a problem.
Though, I am not sure why this is, but occasionaly after being left on too  
long it freezes on really rare occasions. Weird right?

My point being, Devuan, Debian both occasionally have problems with  
hibernate, (if using FDE!)
and Trisquel 7 doesn't really hibernate without the crappy original kernel.   
and Trisquel 8 might have fixes for hibernate/suspend, but probably not  

Also, This was all on my x200!

My other point being, I THINK, though I could be wrong, its a ubuntu base  

Trisquel was better off being a fork of debian and then being moved about to  
look like it is now without using ubuntu.  That's just my opinion though.   
Making an easy installer like the one ubuntu has and then changing it to  
install a debian like os shouldn't be too hard right?

Because, I know debian and devuan rarely have this issue.  Ubuntu might, I am  
not sure if it does, but It might. I never used ubuntu and trisquel is, a  
ubuntu derivative whether libre or not which has had this issue of  

I could only hibernate back then by using the original kernel when I  
installed trisquel. Once though I installed a different kernel, forget about  

My experience is this basically.

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