[Trisquel-users] Partitioning for average end user.

igorfree at protonmail.com igorfree at protonmail.com
Wed Dec 5 12:52:41 CET 2018

With 4GB of RAM I'd suggest having a swap partition. Just in case, who knows  
how many applications will be running at some point all at once.

So, if the computer supports using MBR, this is my suggested partition  

/       ext4           60GB
/swap                  2xRAM size = 8GB
/home   ext4           all the rest = about 425GB

This way you have a huge root partition, you will probably never run out of  
space, even after installing every application that is remotely interesting  
to you. You also have twice as much swap as RAM, so you are never likely to  
run out of that too. And you still have way over 400GB for home, which is  
huge imho. If you want to store lots of videos in HD, you will need an extra  
drive anyway.

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