[Trisquel-users] VS Code is free software?

Mason Hock mason at masonhock.com
Wed Aug 1 02:35:52 CEST 2018

> I believe that everyone should be very accurate when using anything
> 'open-source'.

See this bug.[1] Micro$oft doesn't just distribute a proprietary binary; they falsely tell users that it is free and open source on the download page[2] for the binary. The fix is simple: either (a) remove the phrase "Free. Open source." from the download page, or (b) replace the download link with one for an MIT-licensed binary, yet 18 months and 30 comments later the bug is still open. Clearly it is not an oversight but intentional deception. 

[1] https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/17996
[2] https://code.visualstudio.com/
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