[Trisquel-users] Munich gives up on GNU/Linux and free/open source software

davesamcdxv at openmailbox.org davesamcdxv at openmailbox.org
Sun Aug 31 07:24:50 CEST 2014

"If you don’t think Linux is about creating a secure environment, then find  
me one Dev who thinks allowing third party executables to be installed with a  
double-click should be permitted in their distribution"

With that logic Genesis, Yes, ELP, and Jehtro Tull are all only about the  
money. Just show me a single member of those bands that have gone bankrupt  
and smiled during the bankrupting process :)

I also disagree with the Christianity example: (Unless you've got a link that  
proves otherwise)the native traditions that were included (if any) probably  
didn't really conflict with what the missionaries believed (there's a reason  
native american gods aren't part of the Christianity taught).

Using proprietary software is thus a very different matter in my view.

" Focusing ONLY on ideals can be taken to the level of the absurd. People  
need exposure to the free software world, before they can ever understand the  

Exposure to the world and to the ideology behind it are very different  
things. A lot of people are in the world, but for the "wrong" reasons. The  
proper reason is not taught when people enter the world, but marginalised.

Too often the ideology is removed from exposure, and what little exposure it  
gets too often comes with something like a "this is as radical and bad and  
dangerous as Communism" tag. That in turn has turned the free software world  
onto a road at the end of which it's not a free software world at all.

And Martin Luther King didn't seem to use a "make my view regarding human  
rights more moderate to appeal to more people" strategy.

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