[Trisquel-users] new MIPS single-board-computer

chris at thinkpenguin.com chris at thinkpenguin.com
Sun Aug 31 07:14:34 CEST 2014

No. Almost certainly not. I went straight to checking if the board had  
integrated wifi as there are no free software friendly embedded 802.11n  
chipsets. Unfortunately the Atheros ath6k driver is dependent on non-free  
firmware and ath9k chipsets aren't used in these types of boards where the  
wifi is embedded from what I've seen on the market thus far at least (routers  
seemingly being the exception).

After checking the wifi I just skipped right over this board although that  
said I had this discussion with another and they mentioned the GPU was also a  
problem. There very well may be an issue with the bluetooth as well, amongst  
other components, but like I said I never even get to the point where I  
investigated them.

What makes these devices so difficult is everything is integrated, dependent  
on firmware, proprietary, and the manufacturers fail to provide sufficient  
detail on even the general specs of the boards. Like they mention it has  
802.11n wifi, but don't mention the chipset.

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