[Trisquel-users] Installing Trisquel 7 on HP DV 5000 (many issues?)

gnufreeme at hushmail.com gnufreeme at hushmail.com
Sat Aug 30 21:51:14 CEST 2014

Is there any way to sucessfully upgrade a working T6 to T7 without going  
through a quagmire?  I tried just changing sources and apt-getting my brains  
out and it's mired in "dependency hell" with dpkg errors, etc. (It's not  
hardware because it runs 6 without a hitch!)

Previously I have tried to get this HP DV5000 to install Trisquel 7 by CD &  
USB. I have tried to install the main, mini, kde and netinstall versions and  
none of them will install successfully. I have tried both directly  
installing, installing by text installer where possible AND tried to boot  
into live mode on each of these. None of these get to the live environment  
and none of these have been successful installing for me by graphical or text  
method. There have been various symptoms from not working at all to pretty  
rainbow colors where there should not be to "installing" but failing at boot  
and not recognizing shell commands.

I could spend all weekend on this or ask you fine folks what the heck you did  
to make it work.


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