[Trisquel-users] Re : Munich gives up on GNU/Linux and free/open source software

magicbanana at gmail.com magicbanana at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 14:15:03 CEST 2014

People in the free software movement do not care about "the principals Linux  
upholds" or about "the Linux spirit of superior security"? They care about  
the "the principals GNU upholds" and about "the four essential freedoms any  
user deserves".

In this way, your post is a good example of why only convincing new users  
with "functionality and features" does not advance our battle. We end up with  
GNU users who have never heard of GNU and who would leave free software as  
soon as they find proprietary software that "offers more options" :  

We need to focus on our ideals, to talk about freedoms:  

We have so many free software users but so few that understand the  
social/ethical/political problem behind proprietary software. Most of them  
use Firefox, VLC or LibreOffice on Windows. But even among those using  
GNU/Linux, most of them do not see any problem in running proprietary  
software (e.g., in the Linux kernel) and have never heard of GNU.

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