[Trisquel-users] Learning self-defense

gnuser at lavabit.com gnuser at lavabit.com
Sat Aug 30 13:51:24 CEST 2014

I remember reading in the FSF webpage that between Linux distros and BSD  
distros there is a difference in the way they use the word "blob". Could it  
be the case here, as in, they don't use proprietary drivers per se, but use  
some kind of firmware (I mean as in accessing some closed software already  
present in the hardware which would normally be replaced with the use of free  
alternative in the OS itself)?
I am just asking because I find it weird that they use closed source  
software, although it could be the case that the source is available under a  
non free license (which making it non free software would still result in the  
software not being dangerous as the source could be verified).
I am however ready to admit defeat if it is proven that they use non-free  
closed source software in the distro itself :)

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