[Trisquel-users] Learning self-defense

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Sat Aug 30 11:25:55 CEST 2014

The goal was to create a trustworthy, privacy respecting gnu-linux  
Without proprietary blobs, few people would have been able to use it, no  
doubt about that.
With proprietary blobs, _no one_ is able to use it, since privacy is  
completely terminated.

I can't believe that they made this decision; really, that's the stupidest  
thing I heard of for a long time. What were they thinking?
Like "our goal is to make the first delicious non-alcoholic beer. But not so  
many people will drink it if it's without alcohol, so let's take the whiskey  
bottle and add some - yay! We're so smart!"

That's almost criminal. They're pretending to offer a privacy respecting  
system and people rely on it.

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