[Trisquel-users] Munich gives up on GNU/Linux and free/open source software

a1716479 at trbvm.com a1716479 at trbvm.com
Sat Aug 30 08:06:34 CEST 2014

      I think an important technique is improving functionality, and features.  
  Linux is not limited in any way compared to closed source alternatives,  
which create their own limitations, and baggage.  The list of constraints  
closed source places on itself are endless, as is the potential of Linux to  
accomplish just about anything that can be envisioned in a software context.   
When Linux can do the job of "X" application better than the official  
program, and do things the alternatives can not, it makes it a no-brainer for  

      A kind of half-example is android (there many things I hate about  
android, mostly hardware issues, binary blobs-drivers, and security) but I  
don't think too many people would argue that a windows platform would do a  
better job.

      When Linux offers more options (which for my purposes I would argue it  
does) than mac-m$ people will shift automatically.  I do think you need to  
appeal to peoples vices though, I don’t think this affects the principals  
Linux upholds, I think people just gravitate to whats "Easy".  Many of us  
however eventually become bored with a lot of the easy stuff, and we have the  
freedom with Linux not to be limited by it.  We need to get past the Linux  
can't do x task problem, and offer more, beat them at their own game.  Things  
like Tox are a good example, offer people a easier to use Skype alternative,  
with the Linux spirit of superior security, and finally don't sell out to  
these corrupters of technology.

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