[Trisquel-users] LibreBin - Share any text securely

aliasbody at gmail.com aliasbody at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 01:31:45 CEST 2014

The existance of this project was just to make some encryption possible using  
a PasteBin like service. I understand that the key shared with the URL may  
not be perfect (or secure at all), but I still think that it is possible to  
create protection from here, even if the password if written by the user  

The idea of helping existing projects could also be good and it is something  
I need to have a look at, this is was just a prototype project and because of  
that I am still trying to make it better, and this even if at the end there  
would be not "pratical use" for it.

The final idea is to provide a set of security tools to make the message go  
from one person to another in a easy way, so I will have a look at other  
projects because adapting their work to LibreBin could be a good idea into  
providing an easy tool for text (and file) encryption and sharing.

Anyways thank you for your explanation and the advice, I'll keep that in mind  
in order to perfect LibreBin :)

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