[Trisquel-users] LibreBin - Share any text securely

aliasbody at gmail.com aliasbody at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 21:47:29 CEST 2014

Hello onpon4,

I understand, but the goal of the project was to create something secure for  
internet text sharing, it isn't mean to replace a Instant Messaging software  
or anything similair. The goal is just to provide a more secure browser  
service based on the PasteBin idea. You are right about the security not  
being optimal but it can be solved, either way for this projects to works it  
needs to be places on the browser itself otherwise it wouldn't be what I am  
trying to make it be.

Now the GnuPG idea is quite good and I am already looking at it, I just need  
to see an easy way to make things work. Another idea I want to make happen is  
the password one.

My final goal is to have a browser platform where anyone could just share any  
text (and files in the future) in an encrypted way. If the server only serves  
for one purpose and then the file/text is removed then it is also perfect.  
The idea is, for the user, to be able to choose between the technology that  
fits him best. If he wants plaintext than it is okay, otherwise he can use  
GnuPG, the actual key encryption, the password based encryption and the  
server encryption (virtually not secure at all but not dependable of  
javascript), or even something to install in the computer in order to protect  
it from here. A mixture of DropBox and Pastebin but more secure.

Anyways, what you say is absolutely right, and I will work on that matter as  
soon as I uploaded everything to Gitorious as I want to make it easy for  
anyone to install it on his server if needed).

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