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Tue Aug 26 00:49:13 CEST 2014

Hello Everyone !

I want to present my first official LibreTrend project. It is something I've  
been working on my spair time (a few minutes a day) so the result isn't  
perfect at all.

The concept is quite simple, it is Pastebin-like service, but with security  
in it, like this you can share any text you want being sure that only you and  
the receiver can read it. This is a simple scheme to show the concept

I hope it will be useful for the community !

Info : The source code will be released tomorwo (I am trying to setup my own  
git server, but I am very limited with my actual server, so if I can't  
achieve this I'll simply put it on github and provide the link for it in the  
projects webpage (it is Free Software as always :D ).

LibreBin --> https://www.libretrend.com/librebin/

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