[Trisquel-users] Password manager integration in IceCat?

garsmith at muchomail.com garsmith at muchomail.com
Sun Aug 24 17:25:56 CEST 2014

I am looking for a password manager that integrates with IceCat, with a menu  
of choosing what account to login with that is good for example webmail.

Preferable that use the Evolution database that is standard in Gnome that use  
the front end seahorse. The best alternative I have found is the Firefox  
extension GNOME keyring password integration 0.2 that can be installed in  
IceCat but it automatic fills the login and password.

The best browser integration alternative seems to be KeePass2 with mono (That  
is not recommended) and KeeFox. I have tried to configure it but I cant  
figure it out. Unknown KeePassRPC.plgx plugin file, KeePass location that  
KeeFox dont save and more. KeeFox needs KeePass 2.19 or later and KeePassX is  
at 2.0 Alpha 6.

Is their a better alternative out there?

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