[Trisquel-users] Cannot install GNOME Shell on Trisquel 7 I18N 64-bit.

garsmith at muchomail.com garsmith at muchomail.com
Thu Aug 21 13:23:41 CEST 2014

Updating Gnome removes Startup Applications under System Settings. Its only  
under Tweak Tool but there is only a white border and a + symbol. Nothing  
happens when pushing that button. Before updating Gnome I don't have anything  
called "compton compositor" under Startup Applications.

I have been playing around with Gnome3 I think I have found a bug. At first I  
thought it was a dependency problem because I was removing software included  
in the Trisquel installation. When I disable "Icons on Desktop" under Tweak  
Tool and then login to Gnome there is only the background. I have to open a  
terminal with keyboard shortcut (Default Ctrl+Alt+T) to get rest of Gnome  
back plus a terminal window.

Also when I have it disabled the right click menu is Gnome 3 style but with  
it enabled its the Trisquel default right click menu.

I'm trying as informative as possible so other people can get help in the  
future. But now I have hijacked this thread. I'm now giving it back.

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