[Trisquel-users] Munich gives up on GNU/Linux and free/open source software

joel at centrifugal.me joel at centrifugal.me
Wed Aug 20 08:33:23 CEST 2014

I'm sorry to hear this.

I also think t3g made an important point, that is, it's "...essential to get  
younger people educated..." This made me ponder. Perhaps this education  
includes creativity.

Artists need to be free, and they aren't on propriety software. It's a  

Tech companies are riding the creative "image" to their billion dollar  
yachts; I'm not sorry to say, "i" before an app doesn't make one an artist.

Perhaps education would best serve the under served, e.g., to get the  
creative applications into hands that will use it in new, cool ways. And  
perhaps we should focus on after school programs and creative applications,  
especially in under served areas. Then perhaps kids will get a grasp of the  
tech and start doing cool things. Perhaps Libre needs a Jazz, Blues, OG tech  

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