[Trisquel-users] Lantern - An app to end censorship

davidvargas1 at mac.com davidvargas1 at mac.com
Mon Aug 18 19:21:09 CEST 2014

  Honestly, The product sounds real good in theory, but is about bandwidth and  
accessibility to my computer so others could throttle on it, and for me it  
needs more {CLARITY} when it comes to privacy, security and integrity.

  At least in thor is more clear and specific, If you follow the instructions  
of thor to avoid detection and maintain complete anomity, I dont see, why  
should install such product without been testing throughly.

  Here is another concern, What does FSF has to say about it? The FSF is  
already sposoring thor and not lantern.

  There is a old saying, when stuff sounds to be truth, is when you are been  
deceived and slime....

  Thor had a rough start, but when they fix there errors, and fine tune such  
program it does the job.

Try to do a trace route using thor, or scan port a web site using thor, you  
will notice the origin IP is someone elses.....

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