[Trisquel-users] Update Manager Not Working

sv.tony at inbox.ru sv.tony at inbox.ru
Fri Aug 15 13:22:03 CEST 2014

I haven't had any updates being installed for a while. Last time when the  
Update Manager popped up, it never finished downloading anything and appeared  
to be stuck. As I couldn't stop it or even close it, I had to re-start the  
system. I thought this was a one-off problem but it's happened again today.

It says "51 updates have been selected. 27.7 MB will be downloaded" but all  
the options are greyed out and I can't do anything. I waited for more than an  
hour in case it was slow but it hasn't worked. The cursor just keeps  

It is obviously not installing any updates. Any help, please?

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