[Trisquel-users] Re : Request for WLAN-card support

magicbanana at gmail.com magicbanana at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 02:10:57 CEST 2014

The Trisquel project only distributes free (as in freedom) software. At the  
kernel-level, where the drivers and firmware are, that means using  
Linux-libre. Ubuntu's kernels include proprietary drivers and firmware.

Apparently, both your network devices cannot be used in freedom. As for the  
Ethernet card, you really are unlucky: Linux-libre handles almost all  
Ethernet cards. As for Wifi cards, most chipsets now depend on proprietary  
firmware and it is not easy to pick a card that works:  

Anyway, acquiring such a device is what you need to have the whole control on  
your system. You deserve it. The thread I referenced above will give you  
advices on where to buy such a card and have the guarantee that Trisquel will  
handle it out of the box (ThinkPenguin and Tehnoetic). You can try to get the  
same models elsewhere. See, for instance, this recent thread:  

I personally bought this Wifi adapter:  

Notice however that the manufacturers sometimes (rarely though) change the  
chipset in a given model. In other terms, outside ThinkPenguin and Tehnoetic,  
you may have a bad surprise: a model that was reported to work with  
Linux-libre but does not anymore because the chipset was changed.

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