[Trisquel-users] Antwort: Fighting surveillance with GnuPG encryption (from FSF)

andreakoeth at sxmail.de andreakoeth at sxmail.de
Thu Aug 14 23:42:45 CEST 2014

hi t3g,

thanks for that link. It is really good to read.

But what is also important and what I would suggest to you all is also this:

uninstall Thunderbird
uninstall Firefox

alternativly install this:

-> Iceweasel (a real free Version of Firefox. There, the proprietary parts  
are left out. The normal Firefox-Addons work fine)
-> Icedove (the real free version of Thunderbird. Also here, the proprietary  
parts are left out. The normal Addons of thunderbird work here).

These two programms are available through ppa-repository:


More Information here:


So who needs Firefox?? No one!!
Who needs Thunderbird or evolution-mail?? No one!!

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