[Trisquel-users] Trisquel 7 Keyboard indicator.

Quiliro Ordóñez Baca quiliro at congresolibre.org
Thu Aug 14 18:55:58 CEST 2014

El 14/08/14 a las 11:19, mve1 en runbox.com escibió:
> I've searched for problems with the keyboard-indicator and shortcut
> and found several threads and bug reports from late 2013. Does this
> mean it is still a bug? Is it upstream? How do I report it? It's
> difficult to believe that I'm the only user affected by this. Has
> anyone else experienced this problem?

More info:
LXDE or Gnome
Alt+Super(Windows)+right click options
What have you investigated and tryed

It is nice when someone gives enough information. Try reading a manual
called "inteligent questions". Don't be offended by the title. It is a
really good manual in order to get answers from forums.

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