[Trisquel-users] is parabola down ?

silemmo at gmail.com silemmo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 01:43:08 CEST 2014

Hi everybody, I am a user of both trisquel for stable servers and parabola  
for my home, but it seems they have problems. They dont have a forum and  
every pages redirect to the wiki, we even dont have the possiblity to  
download the iso :( .

I am sorry to bother you with questions for another distro but parabola was  
good for my nvidia card because it installed the latest nouveau drivers, with  
trisquel I cannot manage to find a good tutorial step by step to install  
them. Even ubuntu people dont bother to make tutorials for nouveau, they say  
install the nvidia drivers (non-free).
I also think that the help in freedesktop.org is too complicated for me, I  
tried many times but I seem to do something wrong (or forget something) in  
the process. I dont understand very well how to modify a kernel etc.

So thanks, in advance for your answers I hope that parabola will comeback  

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