[Trisquel-users] Setting up a Trisquel box at a public library

davidvargas1 at mac.com davidvargas1 at mac.com
Tue Aug 12 21:12:04 CEST 2014


  Good luck with it!
  The country that I live is basically "STUPID WIN" orientated people. Other  
operating systems are not well versatile or understood at all. I have FIVE  
network desktop PC's, as a small business internet shop. The problem and the  
great majority of people, all they want is the win games and they don't care  
at all about educational programs OR alternatives. Basically they do black  
market win@@s severely.

Once in a while some computer student will ask for python, c-plus or java  
programs but besides that, to depend on them, as an income is a no go.

  My job basically, is too educated in the other alternatives that are  
available to the public USING GNU/LINUX. 

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