[Trisquel-users] Wi-Fi card with bluetooth that works with free software?

chris at thinkpenguin.com chris at thinkpenguin.com
Sat Aug 9 03:48:36 CEST 2014

It is a departmental issue. A different part of Atheros designed and worked  
on the firmware for the USB chipset that is on the atheros wifi/blueooth  
card. Somebody would have to talk to the guys in that department in order to  
get it released. It would probably be doable, but only if the developers in  
that department cooperated. The other departments and higher ups (executive  
level) have already been cooperative in signing off on the release of  
firmware code.

I believe there are only two mini pcie half height cards actually being  
manufactured. One is an atheros 802.11n (pcie interface) / atheros bluetooth  
(USB interface) solution and the other is a realtek 802.11n (pcie interface)  
/ CSR bluetooth (USB interface) solution.

Humorously each card has half of it which is free software friendly and the  
other half which is not. So at the end of the day there are no good solutions  
to this problem other than an atheros 802.11n only mini pcie half height card  
and a separate USB bluetooth dongle.

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