[Trisquel-users] Laser Printer compatible with Trisquel or totally free distributions ?

chris at thinkpenguin.com chris at thinkpenguin.com
Sat Aug 9 02:48:52 CEST 2014

I think people are confused because the color laser printer in our catalog  
doesn't have Trisquel listed. It's not that Trisquel is not supported, but  
rather it is that Trisquel 6 is not supported by the HP driver out of the  
box, but it is supported 'out of the box' to some degree (at least for the  
core functioning of the device) by the standard postscript driver. That  
basically means you will have to run the printer setup wizard and follow a  
set of directions on our support page if you want to use it with Trisquel 6.  
Trisquel 7 is not been officially released and the product page has not been  
updated to reflect support for Trisquel 7 yet (I actually just updated, as  
Trisquel 7 is basically done, and just has yet to be announced).

The support list is pretty much only going to have distribution and version  
listed if the device will 1. 'work out of the box' with at least the most  
recent release and 2. is fully supported. If it isn't fully supported or  
supported out of the box we'll frequently have notes about what is required  
in order to get the device working if its possible. Sometimes no info is  
listed and a device will potentially work still, but you are advised to  
contact support for more specific information.

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