[Trisquel-users] File Hosting Concerns?

Andrew Roffey andrew at roffey.org
Fri Aug 8 08:38:20 CEST 2014

> One more question.  What tracker do you recommend?  Is there a 
> freedom-loving tracker?

Hi kokomo_joe,

I don't know if there are any trackers specifically for free software.
The Trisquel tracker is usually out-of-date and is a closed tracker,
same for gNewSense and other GNU/Linux trackers.

However, these trackers should work fine:


Otherwise, you can always leave the trackers blank and leave the client
to use DHT instead. The only downsides are that DHT might take longer to
start the download (as the Bittorrent client has to search for peers)
and that some old Bittorrent clients don't support DHT (although this is
increasingly rare).

I don't think there is any freedom-related issue with using the above
trackers though, because using them will only return peers for a given
"infohash". That is, Bittorrent trackers don't directly recommend or
distribute proprietary software, but if you send it the infohash of a
particular proprietary program then it might return peers that have the
proprietary program. Keep in mind that the infohash alone doesn't give
the tracker any information about what type of file corresponds to that


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