[Trisquel-users] Trisquel 7 - Initial questions & comments.

Andrew Roffey andrew at roffey.org
Fri Aug 8 02:39:55 CEST 2014

Hi! To hopefully answer some of your questions:

> 1) What version of Ubuntu is Trisquel 7 based on?

It is based on 14.04, which is currently the latest release of Ubuntu
released in April.

> 3) I'd like to migrate all settings from abrowser to icecat. Is
> there a simple way to do this (browsing history would also be
> welcome).

I'm not 100% where the IceCat profiles are stored. However, if you go
into Nautilus and show hidden files by pressing CTRL+H, you should be
able to do it like this:

1. Close IceCat and Abrowser.
2. Go to your home folder > .mozilla > firefox.
3. Go into the directory of your profile (e.g. qwthl413.default).
4. Copy everything (CTRL+A to select all).
5. Find the IceCat profile directory (I imagine it would be Home >
   .icecat or Home > .mozilla > IceCat).
6. Go into the directory of the IceCat profile (e.g. 0fj5bczm.default)
and delete everything.
7. Paste.

I would recommend backing up the profile directories before deleting
anything, just in case something doesn't work. Just right-click the
directory, choose "Compress" and click Create to make a backup.

Then press CTRL+H to hide hidden files again.

> 5) I'd like to install Linux-Libre Kernel from jxself. Do I follow 
> the same procedure as for Trisquel 6? i.e. 
> https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/update-linux-libre-kernel

Yes it is the same.


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