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Wed Aug 6 12:27:16 CEST 2014


Thank you for all your support ! I understand what you feel and I understand  
how hard it is to try to make people change to Free Software, or even simply  
considerate it as an option. But has "quiliro at congresolibre.org" said it very  
well, the problem is that we (Free Software enthusiast) are promoting Free  
Software for what we believe is good for us, but what is good for us may not  
be good for them.

What I meant to say is not that some people are good without Free Software,  
far from that, what I'm saying is that some of our tools Free alternative  
tools may not fit the needs of everyone, and this is why we need not only to  
spread the word but also make things work as people wanted them to work (and  
even better). And then, when tools are comparable, people will see the true  
benefits of Free Software and will stop using the other non-free alternative.

Doing this is a hard job, and it becomes harder and harder if we are alone.  
All my life people said that 1 person is not enough to change the world, but  
I honestly think they are wrong and I want to prove it, at least to myself.

As for the Brazilian side of the question, I have to admit, I always thought  
that Brazil was a paradise for Free Software, but reading your text may me  
think that maybe the situation isn't as different as here, maybe I am just  
looking at invisible obstacles.

I think that if you can provide anything for the Free Software community, and  
if you really believe in it then you should do it, and I am saying this to  
you as the same title as anyone in this Forum reading this right now ! Take  
something you are good at, look at how you can help Free Software out of that  
skill, and then provide the same thing to outsiders, make them realize how  
much they need what you provide and how much Free Software will help them.  
May this be by writing documents/articles, making software, making design,  
creating physical objects and so on using only Free Software.

This is what I did, and this is what everyone should be doing. I may fail in  
the progress, but I won't be done trying until I realize my final goal which  
is : To have a full bumble of devices running only Free Software from the  
Bios to the video you look on the Internet or the games you play.

Other than that (and even knowing I am speaking English instead of Portuguese  
in order for non-portuguese people to understand) if you need anything please  
contact me at anytime (the same for anyone else, if I can help in anyway let  
me know).

PS : For Portuguese readers, I've been interviewed a while ago by one of the  
biggest Portuguese websites dedicated to Technology in general, and I made  
this article about Free Software, it may be interesting to read :


Best Regards,
Luis Da Costa

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