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Adfeno Huvlov adfenohuvlov at riseup.net
Tue Aug 5 21:41:53 CEST 2014

Thank you very much for your effort Luis.

I'm from Brazil, and the free software movement doesn't have 
much popularity here. Some people can tall me that I'm wrong, 
but I don't think so by seeing the majority of people actually 
using or advertising non-free operating systems or non-free 
software like GNU+Linux Ubuntu, GNU+Linux Debian, GNU+Linux 
Educacional, GNU+Linux RedHat Enterprise, GNU+Linux Fedora, and 
so on.

Well, this just makes me uncomfortable with the situation, this 
uncomfortable feeling started in 2013, when I attended an event 
called Festival Latino-americano de Instalação de Software Livre 
("Latin American free software installation festival", in 
Brazilian Portuguese), since I soon found out that it wasn't 
about free software, but about open source software. This also 
happens with other popular events related to the open source 
software movement, like the Fórum Internacional de Software 
Livre ("international forum for free software", in Brazilian 

Even Portal Software Livre ("free software portal", in Brazilian 
Portuguese), which is a site from the Brazillian Government, 
sometimes promotes the use of non-free software.

Also there is a site called Software Livre Brasil ("free 
software Brazil", in Brazilian Portuguese) which serves as some 
kind of social network where users can join communities, receive 
certificates, post blog entries and so on. Even this site 
appears to promote non-free software. Doing a search one can 
find communities for some free operating systems, but they're 
apparently dead, including the one about the Linux-libre kernel. 
I created an account there, but removed it some months later 
after finding that out.

And then we have the magazines, Espírito Livre ("free spirit", 
in Brazilian Portuguese") is, perhaps, the most popular magazine 
about the open source software movement.

Actually, I'm not the only one who noticed such problems (the 
ones described in the previous paragraphs), there are some 
people like Aracele Torres, Anahuac de Paula Gil, Alexandre 
Oliva and many others that I forgot unintentionally, that also 
noticed such problems. Unfortunately, I don't know them very 
well, not even did I meet them personally, in order to think 
about creating a company which promotes or uses only free 
software, or to start a project or event. Besides, I live too 
far from them, and I don't even have money to attend other 
events besides Festival Latino-americano de Instalação de 
Software Livre (I didn't even attend Fórum Internacional de 
Software Livre yet)

Only considering forums and mailing lists for the free software 
movement, I'm only subscribed to most of the mailing lists at 
Free Software Latin America,  in this mailing list, in the 
Minetest forums, and in this forum. That's all, because the 
others aren't reliable per see.

Then there is the job market, where I'm struggling to get my 
first job, but find myself blocked by annoying requirements such 
as a driver's license (which I cannot have because I'm almost 
visually impaired due to other minor cerebral problem), 
programming knowledge (I don't like to program, sorry), 
Photoshop, Windows, Corel DRAW, Adobe Flash Professional, 
Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe 
FrontPage, and so on. I do have certificates for most of these, 
but I don't feel confortable knowing that it's been five years 
since I received most of them, and I don't feel confortable 
mainly because I don't like to use a non-free program just for 
the sake of my stay at work.

Then, back to the population as a whole, no matter how hard I 
try, most people don't listen to me when I explain the four 
essential freedoms every software user should have. I do have 
some successful cases like my aunt and my uncle who have 
GNU+Linux-libre Trisquel 6.0 installed in their computers, plus 
my lifetime support and my not-so-periodic system maintenance 
and update, an installation CD and a letter explaining the 
importance of free software, and, in the same letter, the 
link/URI to download the CD source code. I also explained the 
importance of the four essential freedoms to my cousin, and even 
did the same things I did to my aunt's notebook and my uncle's 
computer (upon her request of course), but since she's going to 
sell her notebook, and I didn't get the time to speak with her 
personally, I don't know if she likes it or not.

I can't open a company because I don't have a job, so I don't 
have a cash income. And no, I'm not good at practical jobs like 
driving, cooking, waiting, laundry, and so on.

Well, this is it. I hope some other Brazilian reads this.

Best regards, ADFENO.
Have a nice day.

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