[Trisquel-users] LibreTrend - My Vision of Free Software

aliasbody at gmail.com aliasbody at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 18:04:21 CEST 2014

Hello quantumgravity,

Thank you for your support :)

I am trying to do my best with what I can. Here in Portugal Free Software is  
almost non existent, and trying to work and provide good services under those  
conditions is really hard (and this without mention all of the crises  
histories which everyone seen on the news cutting everything from  

My dream was a fully free software computer with the BIOS also free software  
as a final product, but I quickly noticed that something like that required  
more than knowledge, it required a huge financial need just for testing (I am  
not even talking about commercialization). The good news is that I only have  
the plans, I only have the tools, I just need more time and a growing company  
in order to be able to only sell computers with Free Software everywhere even  
on the BIOS (and why not using Intel modern CPU's like Intel i3, i5 or i7...  
but for now it just a dream.

What I have in my hands is a beautiful piece of hardware with high  
possibilities to become Free Software and I will do everything I can to make  
it possible.

As for ThinkPenguin, I already had the pleasure to talk directly to Chris  
(via email), I asked him for advises because I knew that, no one better than  
him would know how this "market" (if we can call this a market) works, and he  
gave me a lot of helpful advises. Starting everything from my own, and seeing  
with my own eyes the difficulty of running a business like this in a world  
like this make me understand how hard it is to anyone, even to him with the  
know-how that he has, to create and distribute a computer with a Free Bios  
and commercialize it.

I make those plans because this is something I am already working on on my  
spare time. For me the Free Bios is the top 1 goal for now, but I don't have  
the perfect knowledge to make it work on my own, if I had it maybe things  
would be different.

The problem for now is only that this company don't run alone, I have a full  
time job, but things may change quickly, when this time arrives, this goal  
may be closer than I thought.

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