[Trisquel-users] LibreTrend - My Vision of Free Software

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Tue Aug 5 17:39:15 CEST 2014

Hello Luis,

first of all, I want to express my respect for what you did. Not only  
changing the university but also creating a company based on the idea of free  
software are tough decisions.
I wish you the best of luck for your project and I'm really glad to see some  
competition in the hardware-for-free-software sector going on (don't want to  
call it "free hardware" since that's ambiguous). Sure, we have ThinkPinguin  
and they're doing a great job, but if we want the free software movement to  
grow then we need a healthy market instead of one company.

I really hope that you succeed in freeing the bios and providing a modern (!)  
computer which can be used 100% in freedom. As you know, we don't have  
something like that at the moment and the whole community is waiting eagerly  
for such a product.

Just one remark on the list of plans on your about-us page:
In my view there is a huge gradient concerning the urgency of those projects  
for the free software world.
Your plans concerning hardware are damn important, no doubt about that.
I also respect your dream of a new desktop environment and of course you're  
free to create it, but be aware that there exists a huge amount of excellent  
free-software DEs already.
Maybe you want to spend your time first on other points.
Anyway, good luck.

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