[Trisquel-users] Wi-Fi card with bluetooth that works with free software?

migatheotaku at gmail.com migatheotaku at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 16:29:44 CEST 2014

Recently I bought a new laptop to replace my now-dead Alienware M11x. My M11x  
had an Atheros wi-fi card (bought seperately and replaced the original) and a  
seperate bluetooth card that already worked fine.

When I bought my new laptop, an ASUS Q501LA, everything worked except for the  
wi-fi card as it needed non-free firmware (Intel). So, I replaced it with the  
same Atheros card from my M11x and wi-fi was working fine. But, no bluetooth.

I found out that the bluetooth was actually on the wi-fi card itself and not  
seperate like it was on my M11x, and so my new laptop doesn't have bluetooth,  
which I often used. Does anybody know of any wi-fi card that exists that has  
bluetooth and works with free software?

I'd prefer not to use a USB dongle if possible.

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