[Trisquel-users] LibreTrend - My Vision of Free Software

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Tue Aug 5 15:43:29 CEST 2014

Hello Magic Banana, Thank you for your support :)

I think you are right about adding this information on the website, and I  
will do it today if possible.

So to answer your questions :
Q: Is the BIOS Proprietary ?
A: Yes the BIOS is proprietary. But I am already working with the  
manufacturer in order to release it to me in order to make a Coreboot out of  
the sources (of what is possible of course).

Q: Why choosing Intel GPU instead of others.
A: There was better choices of chips but knowing that the AMD GPU don't  
provide a free Firmware for Gnu/Linux I had to choose Intel.

Q: Is the choice of an older CPU really justified by Secure Boot.
A: It is not only about Secure Boot. There are a lot of questions I had to  
ask myself before making the choice of this processor. Here is the thing,  
with all the security problems behind the new Intel GPU, and knowing that I  
can't use AMD in this type of system because of the blobs, I really had a  
difficult choice in finding the good hardware. Plus, with this manufacturer I  
have two good conditions I couldn't find with any other :

1 - The possibility to have the source code of the BIOS, and since Google had  
already done a lot of work in their computing with CPU's of the same family  
has the 1037U, it would make my life easier.

2 - I am planning on designing a computer 100% Free from Bios to OS, and that  
would be by using a MIPS CPU. But as you may already know, this isn't perfect  
right now, and I don't have the financial possibility to do it as well. And  
this was the best approach I've found to achieve my goal. I already talked to  
Ruben about the idea of providing some good things to Trisquel itself, and  
this is what I still want to do. I am developing a new DE/Shell with a new  
kind of User Experience, and that kind of computer would provide enough power  
to make this dream come true in as many computers and different hardware as  
possible (from Low-End to High-End). So being able to provide a chip but  
powerfull computer with this Free Software experience (even without my  
DE/Shell) would be perfect.

Of course I may in the future come with more powerfull CPU's, but for now I  
am playing everything on this one. My goal for now is being able to provide  
the same product but cheaper, but it isn't possible right now.

I think I've answered everyone of you questions. If not please let me know.

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