[Trisquel-users] LibreTrend - My Vision of Free Software

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Tue Aug 5 14:30:21 CEST 2014

LibreTrend - My Vision of Free Software

Hello Everyone,

A long time as passed since the last time I've posted anything on this Forum,  
and I have to say that, looking at the news about the new Trisquel Gnu/Linux  
being in work (and after testing it) I have to say that the future of  
Trisquel Gnu/Linux brings some cool stuff to us Free Software (and Trisquel  
Gnu/Linux) enthusiasts.

With this in mind I wanted to quickly talk about my project.

For the ones who remember, my first post on this forum (17 September of 2012,  
Titled -  
was about my problem to only use Free Software as a student here in my home  
country (Portugal), I contacted RMS and then posted the email on this Forum  
in order for anyone to tell me, if possible, what I could possibly do beside  
the opinion given by RMS itself. I have received a lot of answer, my post is  
still one of the most commented on this forum (in the 15th position), and I  
want to thank you all for this.
I've been taking my time to understand Trisquel Gnu/Linux, understand better  
what is Free Software and why it is so important, and to do that I've been  
using Trisquel Gnu/Linux as a "bridge of knowledge" between what I know and  
what the community know that I don't.

With this in mind I've created a company called LibreTrend dedicated only to  
Free Software with the final goal to produce Hardware and Software of any  
kind (including external development and support) only using (and with the  
goal to provide exclusively) Free Software.

So I've start searching how business work here, how they work with software,  
what is the mentality towards Free Software... And finally, where Free  
Software can be implemented in order to help them.

And this is why I've developed the first LibreTrend product, the LibreBox.

The LibreBox is a small (20x20x4 cm) and beautiful (fully black alloy)  
computer dedicated 100% to Free Software. Every piece of hardware as been  
chosen to be used with a Free Software OS.

This is the work I've been doing since I carefully read all of your comments,  
all of you opinions, not only in my Topic but also in the forum in general,  
this is what gave me the strength to do it, that Free Software strength which  
runs on this Forum's veins.

I am established in my country as a seller, but now I am launching online,  
and to start well I want to give you, the Community and Trisquel Gnu/Linux  
itself, a gift. I know that this doesn't look like a huge gift but it is the  
best I can do for now.

My gift is the following, every user of the Forum Trisquel Gnu/Linux, who see  
this posts and uses the COUPON on the bottom to purchase, will have a 6%  
discount on the Computer final price (not including shipping). This discount  
will be applied to your order and the value will be reversed as a donation to  
Trisquel Gnu/Linux. This COUPON is valid for 10 individuals purchases which  
mean that this can't be used twice by the same person, if the request is high  
I'll create a new COUPON with a greater discount and a bigger quantity.

This is my humble way to say thank you !

Once again thank you, everyone, for everything. And if you have any questions  
or comments please let me know here :)

Best Regards,
Luis Da Costa

WEBSITE : https://www.libretrend.com

How to Use the Coupon:
When you are ready to buy. Just click on the cart in the TOP and then on  
"View Cart", you'll then see an option to enter the coupon saying "Use Coupon  
Code". Just click on it and enter the COUPON. If COUPONS are still available  
then you'll see the price change, after this just click on "Checkout" and  
finish the order.

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