[Trisquel-users] I've seen the apple conference of 2014 and I feel outraged.

franparpe at openmailbox.org franparpe at openmailbox.org
Mon Aug 4 10:47:13 CEST 2014

 >The big problem is that I am waiting for the day that people claim that the  
 >Gnome team are copying Apple, that would just be a shame in terms of giving  
 >credit where it is deserved.

When that day arraives, we will know that stupidity will be terminal. By only  
seen the dates these innovatives ideas were implemented we can see that Apple  
are copying Gnome, KDE... and not vice versa.

You know, it is common to see free as in freedom software to take inspiration  
from other projects, and when it happens you know what ocurrs? The answer is  
that it is also very common to see where the developer took inspiration from  
in the home page or in the "About" section of their projects.

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