[Trisquel-users] FoxFilter 7.7 or alternatives

noordinaryspider at gmail.com noordinaryspider at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 00:33:43 CEST 2014

My little dude is growing up with free software. Of course the computer is in  
a common area, but I did tune out Stampy Long Nose so much that I barely even  
noticed when he was watching a video about a Hunger Games mod and another  
about a Bloods and Crips mod, neither of which I personally believe that 6-7  
year olds need to know about--the book and the groups, not Minecraft mods in  
general. ;)

I don't see any Abrowser add ons for parental controls, but perhaps that is  
because so few young children use Trisquel. I couldn't care less if he sees  
the occaisional cuss word, but I was curious enough to see that Firefox has  
add ons to filter content that might be worth looking into and was wondering  
if anyone knew whether FoxFilter or another alternative was free.

ds is not interested in a children's distro or even a Sugar desktop. He  
mostly uses the default Gnome shell because of the picture icons, but should  
be reading well enough for Fluxbox within a few months.


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