[Trisquel-users] E-readers

jabjabs at fastmail.com.au jabjabs at fastmail.com.au
Sat Aug 2 10:24:15 CEST 2014

Absolutely, while Raspberry Pi looked promising it sadly hasn't delivered a  
fully Free enviroment. People are intrested in the potential but freedom is  
still risked in the name of progress.

eBooks are very cool, I used to buy tons on iPad (past shames :D ) but  
unfortunately it is not possible to find a reader that is powered by Free  
software. The idea of a totally free reader is something that needs to  
happen. I mean if something as complex as Trisquel can be made Free then an  
eReader just feels like it would be so much simpler and a very realistic  

A possible starting point could actually to use the Rockbox OS instead of a  
GNU/Linux system, while designed for audio it does have low enough system  
demands that it could easily be fitted into an eBook situation. It's kernel  
is simple as anything but it doesn't need to be complex in any major way.

Also keep spreading the word, yes it might seem pointless at times and yes it  
can come off as a little bit crazy - heck I used to think the Free software  
movement was a little to extreme but eventually that little itch, the little  
pebble of intrigue in my shoe grew into a rock of intrigue and then something  
really big. Eventually it won me over and now everything I use (expect for my  
phone/work laptop – blast!)  is freedom respecting.

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