[Trisquel-users] BIOS settings not found

gnufreeme at hushmail.com gnufreeme at hushmail.com
Sat Aug 2 07:17:16 CEST 2014

The brick problem seems to happen after installing GNU/Linux then writing to  
the NVRAM.

"UEFI should garbage-collect after every reboot. Samsung's doesn't. The right  
thing to do is acknowledge the bug, fix it, and push updates to customers.  
The absolute wrong thing to do is blame the user for installing (GNU)Linux.  
But that's the easy and cheap way out, because the vast majority of people  
who trigger the bug will do so in this fashion."

I'm still looking for an answer. Many seem to believe that it's the EUFI,  
which will refuse to load when the NVRAM stored is > 50%. Samsung's doesn't  
clear as others do, but will allow it to build up if more than one OS is  
installed/used. This seems really stupid and really Samsung.

Many people indicate that they got their motherboard replaced after this  
happened to them. This might be just because most people are scared of  
hacking their own stuff and are easy to talk into paying $$$. Then again, you  
might be #^@&3!).

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