[Trisquel-users] E-readers

gnufreeme at hushmail.com gnufreeme at hushmail.com
Fri Aug 1 18:09:38 CEST 2014

Pretty cool, huh?  I would love to have an e-reader. I've been avoiding them  
because I don't want to contribute to any potential kakotopia on the horizon.

A bookstore employee at a major retailer recently asked me if I wanted to buy  
one of their readers, which were on sale. I told her that I only wanted  
devices that "respect the user's freedom and ownership". I tried to explain  
as well as I could but I'm not sure she really got it. Oh well, planting  
seeds can be awkward at first. I'll bet she remembers me when these ideas  
come to the forefront, though.

I'm thinking our community needs to create our own generic embedded project  
board (more powerful than Arduino) which can be employed in many of these  
type of things and will result in many possible RYF devices in the future.

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