[Trisquel-users] OLinuXino - free alternative to raspberry pi?

stask at openmailbox.org stask at openmailbox.org
Mon Oct 28 20:34:51 CET 2013

Now with coreboot...


The 4.0 x 4.0-inch, Gizmo SBC is equipped with a dual-core, 1GHz G-Series  
G-T40E processor, which offers a separate Radeon HD6250 GPU and an AMD A55E  
I/O controller hub. Higher-end T44R and T56N G-Series processors are  
available at extra cost. The board’s interface functions include VGA and  
Display Port video, audio in/out, SATA, USB, GPIO, analog in/out, PCIe, SPI,  
I2C, and JTAG.

"The code you are receiving is royalty-free, meaning that there is no  
recurring or per unit cost. You will be given a download link which will be  
valid for 30 days. The download is a zipped tar file containing all of the  
source files (except for the video BIOS which is binary only due to licensing  
restrictions from AMD)."

The Radeon GPU was ok on Trisquel 5.5.  
but no 3d acceleration. Has that been updated with newer releases? Does  
anyone know if 3d works now? If so, this is getting pretty close to freedom  
respecting at $189, no?

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