[Trisquel-users] starting a free software club

gnuser at lavabit.com gnuser at lavabit.com
Sun Jul 28 02:12:53 CEST 2013

They charge 210 dollars for a non profit organization to register with them  
and yet they demand another 45 dollars for the room?
That's... a little too much I think =S

Well, it's always good to be upfront with people: what is supposed to be  
like, in each get together of the club. If you won't want people to take  
their time there to talk about Skype and Facebook for example, you should  
tell them that.
More important, prepare ahead. What will be the first activity there? What  
will be the discussion topics? That kind of thing.

Also, you will depend on wether or not people on your area are interested  
about free software. Maybe you could use the PRISM scandal to call people to  
join you.... Just an idea.

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