[Trisquel-users] How do you get your music?

adfenohuvlov at riseup.net adfenohuvlov at riseup.net
Sat Jul 27 20:40:47 CEST 2013

NixiePixel is the nickname of a lady (respectful meaning) which is quite  
popular in the open source software and in the shared culture scenarios. She  
has an official site [1].

Some people say that she is also popular in the free software and culture  
scenarios but, as far as I know, not always.

GNUser and megurineturilli, I also like Libre.fm, it's my first source of  
random selections of musics when I have no other musicians to look at on  
sites like Jamendo.com, Archive.org, FreeMusicArchive.org, and Bandcamp.com.

I've heard about other sites like Dogmazic.net (which is under maintenance)  
and many others, but I still need to find some good music on them.

Megurineturilli, I also love the Japanese culture, in some aspects. Regarding  
your MediaGoblin instance, I visited it quickly and I couldn't resist but to  
check out the project you mentioned in the image/article named "Open Source  

I haven't tested Lauloid yet, because I'm not good as a musician, but I think  
that, if the developers of Lauloid try to make it free software-compliant (if  
they haven't yet), then they could send it to the Free Software Directory, so  
it could be evaluated, and considered as free software.

Addendum: The Free Software Directory does have an entry for the Lauloid  
project [2], but its page appears to be empty. With my limited knowledge  
about the Free Software Directory, I see that Lauloid was approved (because  
it doesn't have the "Review:" prefix, like "Preview:Lauloid"), but I can be  
very mistaken, of course.

[1] http://www.nixiepixel.com/
[2] http://directory.fsf.org/wiki/Lauloid

Best regards, ADFENO.
Have a nice day.

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